book love

Dude, You won't even believe the awesomeness that I received in the mail yesterday.

I have been obsessed with sewing lately ( I know a little black kitty who feels the same way.) I got Bend-the-Rules Sewing a few weeks ago- just looking at the cover makes me happy!  I had some good news last week, so to celebrate I went a little bit wild on the amazon . Yesterday, I was greeted at the porch with one of these:


Amy Butler's new book! I've only been able to spend about a half an hour with it so far, but it is luscious and warm and inspiring.

Oh, and I also got one of these:


I had gotten Sew U out of the library a while back and thought itwould be a good one to own.

And how about one of these?


Joelle Hoverson's new one! Gorgeous.

I also got Lotta Jansdotter's Simple Sewing and Crafter's Companion.

I can't wait to dig into these!