i got an itch

I have been itchin' to do some stitchin' lately. And itchin' to do some redecoratin'. And itchin' to do some more paintin'.

I have a ton of paintings that I started last spring. I want to get into my workroom and get messy with them! In regard to my creative space, I always love the sound of my studio but ,truthfully, I almost always call it My Workroom. 

This is a detail from my favorite one of my favorite paintings from this year.


So many things I am dying to work on! I just have one last push on a major project I have been working on, and then I am going to let loose!

Sorry for all the teases about my big secret project over the past few months. For a while I thought it was a go, then I thought I let it slip through my hands, and now it looks like it is really happening. I am going to get a final confirmation on Monday  and when I do there will be some shrieking and creme brulee and yes, I will tell you all about it. It still kind of doesn't feel real yet.

When I tell you, I think it will start to feel real. And I can hardly wait.