new friends and seagulls at sunset

Today is Saturday.

Do you know what that means?

It means I went yard saling! woo!

Sorry, but you will have to wait to see my haul from today since I'm still showing you stuff from last weekend!


At the all-you-can-carry-for-a-dollar sale , I got this great little recipe box.

Originally, I was attracted to it because:

a.) it is a little box, and i love little boxes

b.) it has a  gold-painted, rusty and generally worn exterior, and i love that

then when I opened it up, I found that it still had written-on cards in it, and they are a bit random and odd. And I love random and odd!

And how about this: 


The most perfectly worn in denim jacket from the Gap. Two bucks. Ri-Ri in the background again.

It's fitted enough that it doesn't look rediculously oversized, and just roomy enough that a hoodie fits comfortably underneath it. and it's softy soft-soft.

After spending a great morning yard saling with my honey, I had a great afternoon taking advantage of a rare opportunity to meet some fellow bloggers - at a craft fair organized by melba . Originally, she was planning a weekend-long  event billed as a gathering for creative bloggers. The Creative Bazaar was to be just a part of the festivities. Unfortunately, she needed to cancel the retreat but in the end decided to go ahead with the craft fair part of it. Melba and I have  swapped a few emails in the last year since I  discovered that she was planning the event right here on the Cape ( in my town, even!) - but we had never met. So I thought I would head over and introduce myself and see if she needed any help.

I am so glad I did, because I got a chance to finally meet some other bloggers! I literally stayed there for Four Whole Hours chatting with these lovely women! I will be showing you what I bought and linking midweek. It was great fun!

blog love!