virtual housekeeping and fowl wallpaper

Maybe you noticed I've spruced the place up just a bit?

Finally got my link love goin' on over there on the right. Eventually I  am going to feature some of my favorite new ( to me ) blogs. Blogging can be discouraging  when you don't know who, if anyone, is reading or interested! I want to show the blog love to sites that just don't seem to be on the radar yet. You know, besides mine, I mean.

In addition to ye olde blogroll, I have added  categories for my own posts, changed my sidebar info just slightly, and removed a few things altogether.

At least I did some kind of cleaning up today.

My honey was busy doing house stuff-Look what he uncovered under some panelling in the kitchen!


See how under that crazy chicken wallpaper there is... more chicken wallpaper! And under that are a bunch more layers. Makes my heart go all fluttery. Of course I had to peel it all off and save as much as I could.


so cute!
and it just keeps getting more beautiful as a peel it off:


peely, layery,papery,flowery,chickeny beauty.

Thor entertained himself as I scraped.


After the wallpaper salvaging, I wanted to poke around the garden and take pictures. It was chilly so I made some super yummy trader joe's hot cocoa to take outside. Made with soymilk, yum. It's like drinking  hot chocolate pudding before it sets.

Riley wanted some, but ,of course, she's not allowed to have chocolate. 


Can you believe the cuteness of my new Nick and Nora sock monkey slippers? Got 'em at Target last week.

Look at my strange pumpkin color:


They're, well...pale!
Adorable, nonetheless. I am crazy for pumpkins.

This is my first time growing brussell sprouts - bought a little plant on a whim, and look what happened!


Isn't that lighting cool? I didn't alter this picture in any way. It's just the way the afternoon sun was peeking through some trees. Brussell sprouts are so yummy. I just like to throw them in a bowl with a little water and microwave them till tender. A little drizzle of olive oil, some salt and fresh cracked pepper! Like candy!