dead leaves and the dirty ground

 it is really fall now. i am in love with so many things about the autumn, but in my heart i am a summer girl. winter? no thank you! what am i doing living in the northeast?!


these little urns i got a few years ago at a flea market. at the time, they were actually pretty new looking, which made me almost pass them up!

in a weak moment, i paid more than i normally spend on anything secondhand: $15 for the pair. They are really nice and heavy.  I am so happy with how they have rusted and peeled.

I might have paid twenty for them if they looked like this when i bought them!


i don't know what it is with me and these looking-down-at-my-feet pictures!
this pot is still doing  well, even though I pretty much ignore it . monthly watering at best this summer and i maybe deadheaded once! i love these colors together. i especially love how they pop in that blue planter.


and this most perfect enamel bucket. marbleized!


i  keep it in the vegetable garden. that is where i throw the rocks and glass and rusted bits i find when i am planting. it has holes rusted into the bottom so when it rains, the water just drains out- that way it doesn't become mosquito soup!
oh, hey by the way, did you see that new martha stewart commercial with tim gunn?
I love tim gunn!
I can't wait for project runway to start again!