la salle de bain en rose

These are some fabrics I bought last month. I used that pink stripey fabric in my new shower curtain and the big pink flowery pattern is in Riley's new dogbed. I could not resist the Mexican lotteria fabric from  Alexander Henry! I can't wait to use it!


This year I had  great yard sale luck and this is one of  my faves:


I spied it on a shelf at a church yard sale. It was nestled in with the ubiquitous promo mugs and other unloved ceramics. How could someone get rid of this guy? Maybe the previous owner was suffering from an MSG overdose and had a lapse in judgement as a result. Ten cents. Yes, just ten cents!
I knew immediately I wanted to use this as a vase. Look at how cute and mischievous he is in his flowery cap!

In the background you can see the new pink of my bathroom. 

My new broom by Vigar! This swedish company  has the most adorable and fun cleaning supplies! And trust me, I'm not one to be excited by such things under normal circumstances. I have been coveting this one for a while and finally bought it specifically to keep in the pink bathroom! It makes me want to sweep. Now, that is really saying something.


Thrifted piggie and moo-cow.

The paint color is 'pinwheel' by Glidden and it is perfect.

I love my bathroom now!