thrifted bijoux


Been hanging out in my workroom tonight- playing with my jewelry supplies,  still.  I just keep looking through my tons of little boxes and jars of treasures that I have been accumulating for years.

I think these beads are hand-carved nuts or seeds of some kind: 


I just  can't bear to clear off my tables and return the goodies to their bookshelf without making a few more pieces. I have so many beads and supplies that I have purchased new over time, but my favorite bits to work with are the secondhand yummies.

Look at this one:


Terra cotta! Edged in a gold glaze. mmmmm.... Slurp.


This necklace makes a sweet  wind-chimey sound when the pieces  clink together.

I  love the back:


Someday, I will finally cut apart this necklace and use the individual pieces. Or maybe I won't. I kind of feel like wearing this one as is right now! 

But this gaudy little number: 


Costumey gold chain festooned with salmon and wine  beads, this one will be  repurposed.
Of course, thanks to blogging, I now find myself compelled to photograph all of my thrifted supplies- so I can show you the origin of a component and then the result of my tinkering with it.

Take this one, for example:

Does that bell look familiar

I love chain ( I love chains just doesn't sound right):