thrifted bijoux part deux or back to the beauty


I really hope I am not boring you, but I just had to show you a few more pictures of my thrifted jewelry/supplies.


I have had that little watch piece for a while. I want to build a necklace around it. 


I couldn't resist a closeup of those sparkly beads:


They kind of look like hematite (or marcasite maybe), but they are glass. 

Is this a lamb? I'm calling it a lamb:


My fingers are dirty in this picture because I had been pawing around in all my old jewelry supplies for a while!


I love that copper color.

This one has some interesting components: 


On the back  of the piece above, it says 'Peruvian Art.'

Some jingly jangley bells: 



That one above I actually bought new, but it is in this pile to be pulled apart and redesigned.

(Just a few more now. )

I love the simplicity of this one, an eyeglass holder ... or...what is the right term for that? you know, it has little rubber rings on each end? For slipping th eends of glasses into so they can hang around your neck?


 And then there is this great necklace that I may just want to keep as is:



I know, I  know, I go a little crazy with the closeups! I can't help it, I love them!

Some bone beads ( which kinda freak me out, but I am drawn to them):


And these little bits o somethin' hanging off the end of chain: 


ok, hang in there, almost done.


There, all done. That wasn't so bad, was it?