could you be my... would you be my....

I'm a Cape Cod girl.
Born and Raised here, I'd like to say. In truth, it's Conceived and Raised.
My family lived here at the time of my birth- but my entry to the world took place in Brockton, Massachusetts. That's where my mom's doctor practiced. My delivery was induced, my birth an appointment. July 5, 1974. Yes, the day after the Fourth of July.

"Mom, what time was I born?"

"Uh.... 12:30.... One? "

I thought she didn't remember.
It was only a few years ago that I realized she was saying 12:31!

I love living on Cape Cod.
Yes, folks. It's on  Cape Cod, not in Cape Cod.
I live in West Barnstable, a village in the town of Barnstable, which is on Cape Cod.
Which is in Massachusetts.

Wanna see my neighborhood? I took this little photo-walk back in July, specifically to show you around!

A couple of houses over is a ramshackle old place whose porch displays the more unique  specimens from the stove  shop across the street.


Awesome gorgeous rust:


 A few more steps (over the train tracks which I didn't get a shot of) and we are at the Old Village Store:


That building has the best textures:



A little further up Meetinghouse Way, and we see this cool tree:


I don't know tree species very well. Fine, at all. Anyone know what kind of tree this is? 

This is one of my favorite things I see on my daily walk (ok, 5 days a week) :


I love mosaics.
I have tons of tile and broken dishes for my eventual foray into making them.
Both my father and brother install tile for a living, so I have an awesome source! 

My first project will be coming up soon. My honey is revamping our kitchen, and I am going to do a wall piece behind the stove! Not too ambitious for a first attempt. Ha!

Around these parts, you'll always see these:


Stone fences. My honey calls them 'rock walls', but I call them stone fences. I think of  rock wall as being more uniform and maybe  held together with something. These stone fences are just carefully piled up stones with no  mortar.
And that little two-stone pile on the stump!  I love that. I am always tempted to put a little snowman face on the top one, but I don't. I'm not a vandal. I think about it though.

Look at this cool mailbox post:


Of course, with my fondness for all things rusty, it should come as no surprise that I love the mailbox too. 

There is this one yard that has a bamboo forest! Look at this bendy one:


Someday I will ask the homeowner if I am allowed to collect the dead pieces lying around. I like to use bamboo for little garden trellises.

Now look at this beautiful sight:


This is a shot of my friend Sally's horse farm. I don't know the name of that horsey.  I'll find out.

 A brief interlude of Sallyness:
Sally is my morning walking partner.  She and I have been walking together (on and off) for a couple of years now.
We met about ten years ago in bellydance class. I should say Middle Eastern Dance - that is the proper terminology. My teacher would hate it if she knew that I still say 'bellydance!' More on dancing another time!

So, Sally and I met in dance class but we were too busy with our hip circles and snake arms to really chat or anything. A few years later  we bumped into each other again in Bikram Yoga class. And then a few more years later, and I see her again at a spa where I was a receptionist ( for a short time ) and she was client. At that time, I had just moved to this house in West Barnstable, which is maybe a quarter of a mile up the street from Sally's place. Finally, we decided to hang out - and what we do is walk!

And now, back to our regularly scheduled neighborhood walk:

By this time, I 'm parched! I stopped at the store on the way back home to get something to whet my whistle:


From this shot you can tell two things:

One: I am a sucker for packaging

Two: At the time  this photo was taken, I was still working full time as a gardener and was in desperate need of a manicure. Egads, those hangnails!

Ok, back home now and here is one of my  across-the-street neighbors:


Yep, My house is directly across the street from an one of those great old New England cemetaries!


And you'll notice the stone fence!