little chairs and winter survival plan

A couple of months ago, I  found two cute tiny chairs at the Salvation Army (which  I sometimes call  The Sally Slermie or, for short: The Slerm. But that is a whole other story.)


I am compelled to make tiny cushions for them.


Even though there is actually a chair pose in yoga, I am not going to try to make a clever segue:
I am excited to finally have started taking my yoga teacher training course! We started Tuesday night- it was wonderful. You may remember that in July my best friend Jennifer arranged to have me take this course as a birthday gift . She is the best!

The course is a 200 hour basic certification approved by the National Yoga Alliance. For the next six months, we will meet every Tuesday evening for 3 hours , with monthly weekend intensives . I have been wanting to take a yoga teacher training (YTT from now on, ok?) since 1997 when I went to Kripalu and did a five month volunteer program. More on that another time! I don't know yet whether I really want to teach, for now I am just looking forward to deepening my practice.

I am one of ten women in the class. They are a lovely group- I can't wait to get to know everyone! I had never met the teacher before, but had heard of Diane for years. She is just a doll.

I am so lucky to have this opportunity! I think it will really help me get through the winter. I don't like the cold.
I keep saying that I need to come up with a Winter Survival Plan- the YTT will be a big part of that, as will the sauna at the gym. I need to get back into the habit of drinking tea, especially ginger tea. It's so warming.

Anyone have any  good winter survival tips? You know, besides going on vacation?