101: giveaway winner!

It's true what they say: you never know who's reading.
The winner of the  100th post giveaway is  Mimi Kirchner! I didn't even know she visited yummygoods.  I have been drooling over Mimi's tattooed men dolls for weeks! Actually, I was just thinking of her the other day when I was in my studio trying to figure out what to do for the giveaway. I stumbled on this awesome Alice in Wonderland toile bedsheet that I bought at a thrift store a bunch of years ago, and I thought to myself, "I should send some of this fabric to Mimi K! Wait, would that be would be weird? She has no idea who I am! Ah, well, maybe someday I will anyways." Seriously, I had this conversation with myself before I even knew she read the blog. Isn't that awesome? And then she went and got chosen by the random number generator, allowing me a valid excuse to send her some of my stash!
Mimi,  I am so pleased that you came out of lurkdom to say  hello, thank you! Please email me and we can discuss preferences! Yay!
Another unexpected visitor surprised me with a comment, Sandi Henderson of Portabello Pixie! I'm sure most of you know that she is a new designer for Michael Miller fabrics. What  a treat it is when people are willing to stop in and make a comment to let me know they are there. It really makes my day!
Thanks, Sandi, for your wonderful words. And way to go on your incredible year! Wow!
Thank you Carlene, Ismoyo, Ellie, Selah, Karen , Caroline, and Jes! Your comments were so sweet and encouraging.
Thank you a million times.
Were you were wondering about that little blue book from the 100th post? I got this orange one at the same time at a yard sale. Aren't they cute? I'll have to take some shots of the pages for you.
I don't know what it is about these wooden numbers and letters, but I just love them. I love 'em on that blue. 
And have gander at this thing I found in my key jar a while back:
Neat, huh?
Hey, thanks for being here for the first 100 posts. I hope you'll stick around.