glitter worship

1-8-05 061.jpg

oh glitter, i love you.

The  picture above is from an altar for creativity I  used to have on my worktable a few years ago. I would put little objects on it that reminded me of my own impulses to create - hence the pink glitter and pink feathers! It's kind of like the typical 'inspiration board' that most artists and designers will have, but an altar (for me anyways) tends to have more 3-D objects than a bulletin board will allow.

It has been a long time since I have actively kept up an altar.   I have been feeling the urge to have one  again.

I think most people have an altar of some sort, even if they would never use that word to describe it.  An altar might be something as simple as a corner of a windowsill with a favorite  rock or shell from the beach,  a photo of a loved one or even a small  plastic toy of some kind.  Or an altar can be as elaborate as a full tabletop of candles, crystals, photos, deity statues and other items of personal significance.

I suppose I do have my little 'collections' everywhere. But I do feel drawn to have a dedicated place to represent what I am focusing on right now.