Help Wanted (plus Mercury)

damons 014.jpg

First, the cuteness:
That little cat nose belongs to Mercury- one of my cats. Also known as  Murky Murk.  He enjoys sleeping on sunny windowsills and appearing in product photography.

This is one of my new series of bracelets. I will be posting this one to my etsy shop in the next day or two. I have been making them with strong elastic beading cord.  I love that cord because I just can't be bothered to wear bracelets with clasps! Lazy? Perhaps.  I do need to order some sterling bracelet clasps because I imagine that non-lazy-bracelet wearers  would  prefer that.  I will be offering both in my shop soon enough. 

This is the Help Wanted part:
Please let me know if you buy stretchy bracelets, or if you only would buy clasped bracelets. I think there is probably a bias against the stretchy because people may think it will break- (I have never had that happen!)
Also, if you do prefer a clasp, are you more inclined to buy if it is  sterling? or will silvery-colored be just fine? If you are reading this - then I am talking to YOU. Please help!