40 steps

40 steps.JPG

"Forty Steps" is  a  painting in a series called 'Cranberry Road.' This new batch of work is inspired by my childhood- places, memories, patterns, possessions.  The 40 steps, as it is known, is  kind of a gazebo on a hill which overlooks Craigville Beach on Cape Cod, Massachusetts.  There are forty steps (but you probably guessed that already) leading down the hill to a tight little dirt path that opens to Craigville Beach Road.  When I was a young girl,  I used to love to walk there from my house. I carved my name into the wood. I sat and looked at the ocean. It was probably my favorite place to go.

The perspective of the painting is from the path looking up. I tried to find a photo to show you, but the only one I could find was from the opposite direction.   I'll have to head over there ( I still live  in the same town) and take a picture. I'll see if I can find my name in the wood.