the ironing was not lost on me

ironed fabric.JPG

i have been organizing my fabric stash lately.

I realized that most of my quilting fabric had never been washed, so I washed a ton of it at once, and ironed it all. It took me so long to iron it! Hours, literally! Next time I have to do that, i will save it for when I am watching season 4 of 24 on DVD!  It looked like so much fabric when it came out of the dryer- in total three huge laundry baskets full. But when it was all ironed, folded, and stacked- it looked like nothing! Note to self: next time i buy fabric, wash and iron it immediately.

In the stack on the left, you can see some of  my collection of bee fabrics.  I usually buy some whenever I see it- i like bee things. The name Melissa  comes from a greek nymph who taught man the use of honey- so my name is associated with the honeybee.

Sweet, non?