how can you not like muffins?

bead trays.JPG

ok, this post really has nothing to do with muffins. But look at how gorgeous my gem beads look in these  rusty muffin tins!  Mmmm.... gem muffins. 

(For muffin- related fun, visit Muffinfilms. And by the same artist,  Making Fiends. Hilarious!)

I have been experimenting in my jewelry-making lately. I have been using scrap chain that I have collected over the years- incorporating it with  the gems, making asymetrical loops and tassels on necklaces. I love how they are coming out!

Here is an example :
chain necklace.JPG
 I will be listing some on etsy in the next few weeks. 

I don't know what I should do when I am in a rambly mood- just post a whole bunch of different pics and amble from topic to topic? Or should I make a bunch of mini posts? I am leaning toward the latter. 

Ok, bye then!