hot ice and strange snow


Wow, I have been absent for some time now.  Busy little bee. 

The title of my post is a phrase from A Midsummer Night's Dream, which I saw last night at The Cotuit Center for the Arts.  That phrase just stuck with me - isn't it neat?  I have been going to so many events lately!  I 'll have to remember to post about them.

Thanks to everyone who has wished me well on my Promising News! It got even more promising after that entry- so I will be working on that and reporting back when I have Definite Good News. Then we can all celebrate with creme brulee and key lime pie.  How's that sound?

 I had an awesome day of yard sale-ing yesterday with my honey. I was so psyched that I documented most of it to share with you! chalkboard%20and%20appliques.JPG

 Look at those darling little appliques!! 50 cents each!  and that old school chalkboard? Just a buck! I suggested to my honey that we put the chalkboard up in the kitchen so we can write love notes and grocery lists on it.  He said we  can also put a list of chores for the pets to do- Zeus: dishes, Thor: laundry, Mercury: vacuum.  We're not sure what we'll have Riley do.

Have I introduced all of the pets?  I don't think I have. Well, here is Zeus at least. He is The King of the Dogs. Here he is helping me in my quest to document my scores yesterday. 


I was trying to figure out how I wanted to photograph this... uh... this gear? I'm calling it a gear. I have no idea what it is but I love it. So I am walking around with my  gear in one hand, camera in the other, just walking around the yard  and here comes Zeus and I just grab this shot.  Love that red and pink ( red and pink!!) sweet william with the lady's mantle. And Zeus, stopping to smell the flowers.


A couple of days ago, I decided that I want to get sandalwood mala beads . I have been using  a  mantra/chant lately and thought it would be good for me to get into a real practice of it.  I love how sandlawood- I mean the actual wood itself- smells so good when it  is warmed in the hands. Yum! 

So I am at this estate sale yesterday and I spy this wooden bead necklace- I immediately bring it to my nose to smell it, and yes!!! Sandlawood!  It's not a mala, but pretty close! The mantra I have been using is for abundance and prosperity- and here is something I want just appearing for me! I love that!  ..... (there i go being excessive with my exclamation marks, please indulge me.)....... In the car afterward, I kept rubbing the beads to bring out the scent. I  lift them to my true love's nose and tell him to smell. He doesn't smell them! He  must have a broken sniffer, because they totally smell! I keep rubbing them. Literally at least three more times I make him sniff the beads, "Sorry, honey, I just don't smell anything!"

Hmmph.  Zeus, above- he  smells them. Good boy!

More scores from yesterday to come- just want to make sure I don't lose this post. That really pisses me off.  Save and close!