Cindy Lou, who?

At our old house, we had a couple of huge rhubarb plants and I would give my friend Cindy (of strawberry salad fame)  bunches of rhubarb that she would bake  into strawberry-rhubarb pie.  She'd call me up, "There's pie!"
We joke that she shines a pie-shaped silhouette into the night sky, a l a the bat signal, letting me know that there is pie waiting at her house.  

I still get the pie treatment but I haven't been the rhubarb supplier for a couple of years. I am working on it though! I planted a  baby rhubarb this spring - hopefully it will will produce a good crop next year.  Then we'll be back on track with the supply of rhubarb (and demand for pie.)

I love that Cindy knows that I will eat a minimum of 2 slices of pie during my visit.  I love that Cindy gives me Earl Grey tea with milk and sugar. 

 I love Cindy's style. One of Cindy's many talents is that  she has a great eye for decorating interiors.  Here is the tile mural behind her stovetop . She painted that scene in oils on blank tiles! See how amazing she is!?


 mmmm, and the pie! As Cindy says, "ker-YUM!"

and here is one of her cool collections- vintage ceramic heads! 


 Next time I go over there  I will take more pics of her home and collections  to inspire me and you!

Cindy isn't just a great cook and talented decorator, she is also an awesome friend who cracks me up and likes to parle francais mauvais avec moi.

Now I am off to call Cindy and see if there is pie in my future.