change is good (right?)

you may have noticed that i took down my etsy mini from the sidebar. 

I created a basic etsy shop back in late winter and listed a handful of items.  I love etsy.  I just do not have the time right now to list stuff the way one needs to to be  found among the tons and tons of talented people on there! If I am going to sell on etsy, I wanna do it right, and I wanna do it well. (by my own standards , I mean) And now is just not the time for that.  So I unlisted the items I had in the shop.I still plan to do it someday, just not right now. I'd rather wear the jewelry myself (or give it to friends) and keep the paintings for my own house!

There, I said it!   I feel  much better now!

I am going to put some more love into this here website. I will  be working on a new banner (never did get used to this one i have up now) , adding links, and some new 'whenever i feel like it' features.
Some people do a weekly review, or  what-have-you, but I am just not the weekly type.  So it will be 'whenever i feel like it' inspiring interiors, 'whenever i feel like it' gardening tips, 'whenever i feel like it'  evolution of a painting.

I also plan to add categories and archives so it will be simpler to find your way  if you felt like rummaging around.

I am still getting used to this blogging business. I am feeling a bit more comfortable with each post. I do really like it, and I think I will love it once I let my hair down a bit more - so to speak. In truth,my hair is not nearly long enough to be let down, but that is a different topic entirely.

 Look at this gorgeous enamel bucket full of flowers! And you know how I love enamel!


I gathered all the blooms and foliage in the bucket, having every intention of making a bunch of little bouquets in little vases, but they just looked so perfect in that old beat up enamel bucket. I had to just bring the whole thing inside.  Our kitchen sink is in a corner so there is a space behind it where the walls meet- that's where I like to put bouquets because I see them all the time. Unfortunately, that is also where Thor likes to go to beat the sh*t out of my flowers.