I want to believe

Wow, you guys. I don't know if it's that chant that I mentioned before, or what, but things are happening.
I don't usually give a lot of credit to that stuff- not that I don't belive in it, but more that ... I don't know.  Maybe it's that  I don't believe  it will work for me. You see, I haven't felt particularly watched out for in life. Perhaps that is why I don't have a strong faith in god, the universe,  spirit.  I try, I really do. I should make a poster like that one on X-Files in Mulder's office.  Except not about aliens. (But maybe I should keep an open mind.) I have found something meaningful for me in both  yoga and Buddhism.   I do love Hindu chants- they comfort me. And I do well with a mantra to help focus and not let my rampant thoughts take me over. I'll talk more about all this another day. Here endeth the rambling disclaimer.
Back on topic. Abundance.
So  you know about  the awesome yard sale finds  from last month that I  documented. And there are more from that day that I still haven't even shown you! I will - but only if you promise you won't be bored. I do love a good show and tell. 
Then I was offered a new job-job, which I accepted.  (A job-job is anything that isn't my own design work ) More on this to come. Plus, I really want to tell you  about my old job-job (which I will dearly miss). My last day was Friday.  My first day at my new job-job is tomorrow! 
I have been wanting ( for years now) an old, beat up, brown leather couch.  I saw one at a yard sale a couple of weeks ago for $78 ! I loved it instantly , but my honey wasn't impressed. I  regretted not getting it. It's a big item to bring into the house if not everyone is happy about it, so I dropped it. The next day, my honey came home with the couch! And he got it for $50!  He's good like that.   He still claims to not like it, as he is kicking back- of course! He also still claims that  he thinks the show  Sopranos is just ok. All right, honey.  Sure.
On Friday, I had to bring  a truckload of yard waste to the dump  ( for my old job-job as a gardener)  .  I  scored a  huge pile of lilies! 3 or four different kinds- really nice.  
For my birthday, my honey got me this perfect, absolutely perfect , summer dress! (I will have pictures soon)
And the most amazing abundant thing that is too unreal to even  believe: Last night, my best friend Jennifer  picked me up for my birthday and took me to the forty steps .  She gave me a little green box which contained a piece of paper . It said that she had arranged to trade her writing services with a  local yoga teacher training school in order to pay for my enrollment!  My best friend is putting me through yoga teacher training!  Amazing, generous, unbelieveable. Now, I should tell you that I am not a person who has a hard time accepting gifts or letting people do nice things for me. Au contraire.  But this? 
I was sitting on the bench ( in my new perfect summer dress) my knees were shaking,  and I'm saying, " This is CRAZY!"
Jennifer: No, It's not!
 Me: YES, it is!
Jennifer: No, It's not!
Me: YES, it is!! 
Jennifer: No, It's not!
Wow. I am so excited and touched.
 Abundance? Bring it on.