tiny-style blogging

So, maybe you  have noticed that my last few posts have been short and sweet. And more frequent.  And they are more frequent , I think, because  they are short and sweet.  You see, I get kind of intimidated about writing a big long post or telling a story or whatever. I am much more comfortable ( for now)  with the diminutive missive. Like my fancy words? I thought you might.   I think it is safe to say that you can expect a bit more blogging now that I have accepted my limitations! 

Oh, and you may find that the photos have nothing to do with the posts, just like this beauty:


Remember my crazy yard sale luck a while back? Well when I was photographing my scores, I just put these metal pieces on the (weedy) walkway to snap a pic, and i didn't even realize they formed this sunflower shape until I was looking at it on my computer later on! Yeah, nothing gets past me.
Ok, I guess the photo now does  relate to the post - since I couldn't just leave it orphaned there without an explanation.

More petit-four style blogging to come. Hey, if it's good enough for designsponge, it's good enough for me.