garden girl

vintage tin, originally uploaded by yummygoods.

That's me today.
I am even gardening in a cute skirt! Just came in for a little break from the heat. I am weeding some beds and moving around some perennials.
I am always dividing things. I mean constantly. I mean I will divide something right when I bring it home from the nursery. Sure, it takes a while for things to fill in, but it's worth it for the satisfaction of getting 3 plants out of one! I also try to grow perennials from seed, but I am terrible about watering. As in, I don't really water at all. Poor seedlings.

Isn't this illustration on the tin so so cute? I love it. Got this at a yard sale for ...I don't know, probably 50cents? A buck at most. I haven't been to any yard sales lately. Maybe next weekend.

Ok, back to the dirt!