117: brought to you by the color random

Let us begin our time together with some cuteness provided by Thor and Mercury:


Yes, that is the $50 leather couch from the summer.

I feel all weird. Tired.  I was freezing all day. Just took a shower to warm up. I wanted some cocoa but I resisted since I am trying to cut down on my sugar intake for a while . Instead, I heated up some soymilk and added a dash of cinnamon and a tiny drizzle of molasses. It was super yummy!


I love these old radiators we have in our house.


I do need to paint them though. They are a bit dark. I like them painted white.
Really makes the room pop. 

Sorry for the all-over-the-place nature of tonight's post. It's either that or not post at all, so I thought I'd just go with it. 

Thrifted plaster dog cuteness:


I think this will look cute in the bathroom. I need some shelves to display all my goodies.

The other day I was organizing my bureau:


Riley and Thor helped. That mountain of stuff is just my socks, camisoles, tights, and scarves! And that isn't even all of it. I am such a pack rat. I work on it, but it is really hard!

That pretty bedspread is actually a handmade duvet cover that I got at a thrift store a couple of weeks ago for three bucks! I can't tell if the fabric is vintage or repro, but it is just darling!

I feel self-conscious putting out such a random and boring post, but I am going to try and just be at peace with it.  It is what it is!