121: absolutely pure


Good morning!

Just having some coffee to wake up. Thought I'd post just a quick one with some recent thrift finds. 


Got this cool old jar top.


This will probably end up on the wall in the kitchen.

More kitcheny stuff:

At the thrift store, I saw a woman walking around with this and I wanted it! I surreptitiously kept tabs on her to see if she would end up putting it back, and she did! I scooped this baby right up:


Isn't it pretty? I imagine some kind of bar cookie all piled up on this. Mmmm. cookies.....

And look at the detail!


Did I ever tell you that I used to be a cake decorator?
Yep. For a year. For the first few months, I used to eat the equivalent of a six inch cake nearly every day.
Honest to god. You have to slice the uneven tops from the cake layers, and you are always squirting out frosting to get rid of lumps or change a color, so you have this giant pile of cake scraps and frosting. Not great for someone with food issues! I got this job fresh from my stay at Kripalu in 1997, where I gained 30 pounds in 5 months (another story entirely!). I was in full-on chowdown mode! After a couple of months of stuffing my face with cake, I finally calmed down and started walking everyday, eating better, and my weight came back to normal. Since then, I still have my usual fluctuations of about 10 pounds up or down. I do feel best when I am exercising and eating well, so I try to do that.

Well, I didn't expect to get into that today, but there you have it! 

Perhaps because of my experience as a cake decorator, this book caught my eye:


Love that doily cover.

This book has some funny stuff in it!


No, wiseguy, I didn't make cakes like that. I did get to use an airbrush for the first time, though. We would airbrush with food coloring to do drawings - this was before everyone had those digital photo things to put on cakes. I took pictures of the most difficult ones- I should dig those up sometime and show you.

My favorite cakes to do were the... well, you know... the uhh,  naughty ones. I don't know if those bachelorettes  were expecting something so, so....um, authentic looking.


I love this page of candy molds.




Have a lovely day, friends.