122: owl i want is you

Thought I would show you some of my older fabric designs. These are known as 'conversationals'. Conversationals are designs that show a 'thing' or being - could be an animal, a teacup, a bee. Not a geometric or a floral. If anyone wants to chime in with a more eloquent description, please do so!

I have been hesitant to show these because they are so different from my line coming out for Free Spirit. I didn't want you to expect the line to be these kinds of conversationals, which were specifically created for juniors apparel and sleepwear. But I did want to show some of my older work, and tell you a little bit about it.


So the top design is considered a 'placement.' It is a design that would be a single image on , say, a sleepwear top or tee shirt.  The middle design would be called a 'coordinate' - a more simple design that can be used to complement the main designs. The bottom design is the 'repeat' , a repeating overall design, often done in a 'tossed' pattern, as above. This could be the bottoms of a pajama set, perhaps with the coordinate heart pattern  as a couple inches of trim at the hem.

 This design was sold last year through a third party, so I don't know who purchased it! If you see it out in the world, please let me know!