127: seahorse kitty puppy

Seeing Heather Ross's sneak peak reminded me of one of my fabric designs that  sold a couple of years ago:

Seahorses are so cool.

So, same story with this one:  don't know who it sold  to, so keep your eyes peeled for me, won't you?

I went to Tumbleweed today again and got some more little bits. I just love those little bits! I am thinking of gathering some and doing a giveaway. How does that sound?

I am happy to see that a bunch of people have been adding their photos to the Free Spirit Fabric (and Rowan)  pool that I started today on flickr. If you haven't done so yet, I really hope you will. All this webby stuff is so much more fun when more people participate.

I have been afraid I might be boring you with the drawings and conversationals. Am I boring you? I hope not. That would make me sad.  

  Oh, what the heck, here are a couple more of my older fabric designs ( yawn if you must):


I love Halloween, so it is always awesome when I get a chance to design Halloweenie stuff.

And some cute pups:


mmmm. puppy love......