129: link love

Sometimes I just assume that we are all reading the same blogs, so I neglect to link to some of my newest favorites.

But I am going to try to make more of an effort to spotlight the blogs I love. I don't have the energy to really do a whole post about each one, but I will definitely make it a point to at least post the links in my entries, and not just on the sidebar.

I know I have a million links over there, but I do try to keep them current. I actually read (or skim!) all of the blogs I link to.  I subscribe to new blogs constantly, and initially keep them  'private' in my bloglines account until I have been reading for long enough to know that I can feel good about recommending them. I don't just reciprocally link. In fact, most of the blogs on my sidebar don't even link to me or have any idea who I am!
Does it surprise you to know that only about 20 blogs link to me? It's true! 

My point is that all of those links over there on my blogroll are yummy-approved! If I notice that a  blog isn't updating regularly, they go to 'private' until I can recommend them again. Who wants to visit a blog that is the same all the time? Isn't that just a website then?!

I am a bit blog obsessed, as you may have noticed. I especially am addicted to all of the great design blogs. You know, if I weren't a designer, I would be a design blogger!

I just updated my list of design/trend/style blogs. Many of these I have been reading for months, but am finally getting around to marking 'public' on my bloglines.

Please visit them, they are awesome!

I so appreciate those of you who visit, link to me, take time to comment or email me. I will soon be posting links to you wonderful supporters that keep me going every day! You have no idea how much it means to me. Your encouragement and excitement over the line, your willingness to join in on my new flickr group, all of it. You really have an impact on my daily life.
Thank you.