262: perfection in pink with a side of duckie

Saturday morning, my friend Sally came in to Yummy Goods with an armful of dahlias.
For me!

Breathtaking, head-sized blooms.

She said, "I picked all the ones I could find in your colors!"

I don't know if I did anything to deserve such a  gesture, but I sure do appreciate it!

I promptly went to work dividing them up into different vases and dishes, so I could spread them around the shop. I always do that with bouquets. I'd rather have a small amount of flowers all over the place, than one larger bunch in one spot.

Perfection in pink:

Yesterday was the first day that I didn't open the shop after my day job. I have been exhausted, so I went home and took a (much needed) nap on the couch. We are still figuring out what we want our weekday hours to be.

I hear that Sugar Snap is in from it's journey overseas. From what I understand, it is on giant rolls that need to go to a facility where they will cut it and roll it onto bolts. Then it goes to the Westminster Fibers warehouse. From there, it will begin it's journey  out to the shops that have ordered it!
Soon, friends, soon!

xo, m