265: she's a little bit country, i'm a little bit rock and roll

Remember that photo shoot I did back in August?

This is what it was for:

A full page ad for Sugar Snap in Quilter's Newsletter (November Issue).

It was a Friday morning when it was requested that I create an ad that would be due the following Wednesday. That night I sewed the apron and pillow. Saturday morning I gathered all the props for the shoot and set it all up by late afternoon. It appears as if  it's just tossed into place, but  it takes a long time to make it look that way!  

It is incredibly fun, though. I would love to be a photo stylist. 

By the time it was all ready to photograph, the lighting was already changing. 

The late-afternoon sun was floating down , sheltered by the big tree behind me.  Shadows were reaching for the scene! I had to snap fast- Yipes!

Sunday morning, I started going over the pictures- editing the coloring, cropping, evaluating. After that was the actual creation of the ad. A few revisions later and I had it!

Turned it in Monday, early! Which should amaze you, if you know me at all.

Come on, be amazed.

xo, m