266: dream vision

I went to bed at 9:30 last night. Too bad I only got a couple of hours of sleep!

My mind would not shut its trap.

( Just so's you know, these pictures have nothing to do with the content! I really should have used Sugar Snap images to illustrate this post. But,  whatever.)

I hadn't been nervous or stressed about Quilt Market at all. This week I popped in on a few fellow designers' blogs and saw what they were doing for Market. Now I'm stressed. See, that's why I hardly ever read blogs anymore! I end up overwhelmed and feeling less-than.

I'm torn.

I want to just take it easy and use what I have and not worry about it. You know, take a light-touch approach and trust that the fabric itself is enough- that I am enough just as I am.

And I can't deny the urge I have to go all out and spend the next few days in a sewing frenzy . 


We'll see. I do want to finish my Sugar Scrap quilt. And I would like to make something simple.

 Are any of you coming to my Schoolhouse? (for those who don't know, Schoolhouse is a daylong series of  15 minute presentations the day before Market opens) Last night, when I should have been sleeping, I was going over what I want to say during my talk. Did I tell you that the room seats, like, a hundred people? I certainly don't expect a hundred people to show up, but- dang! If you go, please smile at me- I will be really nervous!

I can't believe it's really here- the debut of my first fabric line for Free Spirit! A dream come true. I never expected this for my life. I really didn't. I was resigned to a life of unskilled labor and bottled potential. Just a handful of years ago, I was so anxious all the time that I would sweat and blush and stammer just checking out in the grocery store. Now I am going to present my own fabric line in a room that seats 100 people? Coo coo. Coo coo, I tell you.

I recently reconnected with my high school Fine Arts teacher. When I was in school,  I was  depressed  and had a turbulent home life. I was afraid of everything, excruciatingly shy and I hated myself.  I was really excited to share with him what I have been doing. When I did, he expressed to me how happy he is for me, how proud of me he is.

He said, "I always knew you'd find your way."

Thanks for being here with me as I continue to find it.

xo, m