269: home, fur, sick

Well, I'm home from Fall Quilt Market in Houston.

It was wonderful spending time with friends that I met last market as well as new friends. I will be sharing a bunch of stuff, but perhaps not to the extent that I did last time.  I actually feel intimidated by myself- I feel like I have to compete with my Spring Market recap!  I was so thorough last time. We'll see how I do this week, once I get rolling. I can only do what I can do, you know?

Unfortunately, I continued the tradition of being sick at Quilt Market. Stress plus travel plus no days off equals sick. Makes sense.

Oh, well.

I did manage a couple of healthy days this time, so that's progress, right?

You can probable tell by my singular use of exclamation marks that in addition to a nasty cold, I have the post-event blues. It's not too bad, but I am not going to fake enthusiasm either, ok? That's why you're reading, right? You want the real story, not a glossy fantasy. (right?)


As I was walking from my hotel to the convention center one morning, I was captivated by this parking lot's feast of textures. I tried to resist the urge to photograph it ( I was headed to a sales meeting and I like to be early) but it seduced me with its crags and scrapes.

I was standing there getting some shots when from a distance I heard my friend Jeff teasing, "It's just trash, sweetie! You don't have to take pictures of it."

But I did have to.



I got in  to Providence last night, ate grilled cheese sandwiches with Madelyn, and watched Semi-Pro while polishing off a bottle of the Wine of Her People. This morning--sicky, caffeine-less and rumpled- I drove back to the Cape. I was going to head straight to work (damn that day job) but decided to stop at home and check email and chill for a half hour or so.

The puppies were happy to see me. They showed their love by immediately covering me with fur. Zeus, my 110-pound yellow lab, tried to sit on my lap. Which would be fine, except that  I was standing.

After some couch/email time and half a cup of yucky coffee, I went to work. I hadn't seen my honey since, what, last Tuesday? No, Wednedsay.

He gave me  the elevator eyes and said, "Did you sleep in that?"


xo, m