277: tiny tina

Good morning!

I know I promised to cover my Schoolhouse next, but that will have to wait a day or two. Those posts where I go into detail take well over an hour to write!

So enjoy some Tina Givens eye candy:

Look at these gorgeous flowers!

Love that paint color. Tina's husband was painting that wall Thursday night!

Darling kid's clothes and awesome quilts:

And here's a cute picture of Tina and me (taken by Jona from Fabritopia):

She has such awesome personal style.

I should show you some better pictures of that scarf I'm wearing.  I wanted something to wear at market that was made of my own fabric, but didn't have time to sew a garment. I made it from a piece of gorgeous dupioni silk (that I was using as a table runner in the shop!). I just cut it to the right size and  edged it with Sugar Snap. I'll take pictures soon.

xo, m