140: wild beauty

I always feel like a jerk for posting my usual stuff when something so terrible has happened and is all over the news. But  terrible things happen every day, don't they. I just don't know how to get my mind around it.
Sending love to the families of the victims in Illinois.

Ok. Switching gears, here. ( I learned that from tv.) 

Happy Valentine's day, late.
Or as some people say, Valentimes.

These designs  sold a while back- maybe to a scrubs company? I can't remember.  

I still haven't been able to do any photo editing, which is why my posts have been less frequent lately! I just don't like blogging without photographs!  That's why I am sharing so many of my past designs and doodle pages and illustration experiments . I hope it's not too boring!


Last week, while my honey was generously working on my computer issues, I prepared a bunch of little bits for giveaways! I will take pics and post them next week.

Guess what I did yesterday? I sent off the final final (seriously, this time) final version of my fabric designs to Free Spirit ! Now I will twiddle my thumbs for  6-8 weeks  until the strikeoffs arrive.

I cannot wait!