141: orange is sunshine


I am a wicked packrat. I save everything


This is just one of my many boxes of treasures.
It is full of bits of my personal history. 

How about some jewelry from the good old eighties?


I didn't graduate in '84. That is from my sister's  tassel. (Krissi, you recognize any of the earrings that I pilfered from you?)

Some closeups:


Oh, unicorns.


Look at the shadow on these:


Ok, so old jewelry isn't such a surprise. But I have lots of other bits, too:


Tiny colored pencil, crayon barrette, plastic hearts from a bracelet, part of an old button I got in a card when I was in 5th grade, a marble I found when I was little. I always saved stuff. Even when I was in elementary school.


More bits I saved from 4th and fifth grade jewelry, trouble dolls, old typewriter key, bits from a microscope kit, charms given to me by a 7th grade boyfriend, lite brite piece, dog tag I found in my yard which belonged to the previous owner of our house.  

Here are some shells I saved from Sanibel Island when I visited in 1983 or 84:


I think I was in fourth grade.

Remember those little ceramic animal figurines that come on a little cardstock square? This is a teeny tiny bear that was given to me in 9th grade:


Thor getting in on the action, as expected:


Oh dear, probably no one else but me will find this interesting, but there you have it.
I am a sentimental sap.

And hey:
Please forgive me for being such a slacker about responding to emails. I will get to it soon!