138: apple-ique

This little apple applique was nestled in with the naked dolls I scored a while back:


So delicate! 


Not sure yet what I will do with  it. Perhaps showcase it on the center of a pillow.  Maybe I'll put it in a little frame and just hang it up until I feel inspired to do something else with it.

Got this vintage file drawer last summer at a church yard sale:


I think I will do a series of paintings on these. They are made of nice heavy cardstock with metal encasing the letter tabs.

I have been trying to limit my blog reading in the last few days. I get so obsessed!
I end up feeling kind of hung over from it, to be honest. I have been flickr-ing instead. I finally started my favorites and now I can't stop. But the good thing is that it is fun and inspiring and doesn't cause the hangover that blog-reading sometimes does for me!

I'm a delicate flower, what can I say?

Flickr groups I dig:

Free Spirit Fabrics (and Rowan) , of course!
If you haven't joined and put your photos in yet, tell me this : why the heck not?  And I would love it if you would introduce yourself in the little message board area.
Pretty please?

Texture Whores 

The Secret Life of Toys 

Kitsch Itch 

Any groups you'd like to recommend?