164: maddie's house and garden

 As promised.

Taken last summer, Madelyn Macedo's garden:


Ahh! Seeing that lush foliage makes me yearn even more for hot weather and long sunny evenings spent weeding.


Look at what Maddie did here:

She took a hollow log and planted succulents in it! Brilliant.

Madelyn and I share is a love of rusty things and a penchant for scavenging. She rescued this metal thing and put it to work as a support for giant sunflowers:


She's a creative genius, obviously.
That's another one of her ceramic sculptures in the background.  

Meeting  Maddie when I was but a wee lass of 16 certainly influenced my aesthetic. I already had a fondness for old and rusty things, but knowing a real artist who loved them too reinforced it.
Have a look at this shelf of rusty tool bits:


I love how she painted this windowbox that adorns her shed:


If you followed the link from my last post to Lucky Monkey, Maddie's etsy shop, you might recognize that chicken motif from her line of stoneware mugs.

Now let's go inside...

Collection of seed pods from the hallway:


I am painfully envious of this crushed rusty paint bucket :


And this marble bust:


and  sacred hearts... and.. well I pretty much  want every thing she has in her home!

And here is a shot of the living room which is filled with art and cats:


Those three torso sculptures on the left are Maddie's, as is that tile heart piece.

You guys, this isn't even a fraction of the inspiration that I take in when I visit her!
She's amazing.