152: it is a white, woolly animal


From yesterday's estate sale-ing.


You know how happy these made me. 


(for any new readers: I am not religious,  I just really like religious imagery)


I still kick myself over some statues I  passed up in the last couple of years. Because of that, now I just snatch them right up when I see them. You know, if the price is right.

It appeared to be a French teacher's home where (among many books en francais) I found this gem: 


Or should I say bijoux? A Charlie Brown comic book in French; Oui, c'est vrai!

A book on phonetics :



It is a white, woolly animal.

Oh my god, that reminds me:
My honey and I were driving around a few months ago, brainstorming names for the prints, colorways  and the entire collection.

         My Honey: How about Velvet? You know how that one looks like velvet?

         Me: Well... that might be confusing since the line isn't made from velvet, it's a quilting cotton... But, good  thinking, honey! Keep 'em coming!

         {A few moments of pouting.  Him, not me.}

         My Honey:  Maybe you should name it Lamb-y Something....

         Me: What do you mean?

          My Honey: Well, since cotton comes from lambs...

         Me:  Honey?

         My Honey: Yeah?

         Me:  Do you mean wool? Because cotton grows on a plant. You know, like in the south? Puffy cotton in fields?

        (half-heartedly trying to hide my smirk)

         And wool, you know? They shear the sheep and then spin the wool into yarn? 

         My Honey:  No, it comes from lambs.

         Me: (smirk, chortle) Okay, honey. Cotton comes from lambs.

         (snicker, snort)