154: soon, soon


I'm sitting here curled up on the couch, drinking coffee, looking at the cats as they intently stare out the window. (Cats love windows.)

Birds are singing! That early spring ( ok, late winter) chirpy chirp just makes my heart leap. On the drive to work the other morning, I saw crocuses peeking up through dead leaves. I was so relieved by this signal of the end of winter, that my eyes actually got misty. Really.


By now perhaps you have noticed that these photos have nothing to do with what I am writing?


Oh well.


Is it weird to love a dumpster?

Back to the topic at hand: Spring is almost here!
We made it. 

I was chatting with a friend of mine about how when spring comes, I feel like I am in love with it.
My heart goes all fluttery with the  birdsong, I get misty at the sight of flowers, the sunlight on my skin feels like first kisses.

Nodding in agreement, she said:

"I know. When spring finally gets here, I feel like I want to make out with nature."