169: of quilts and cuteness

I was changing the sheets on the bed the other day and look who showed up:


When he hears sheets being shaken out of a folded bundle he comes running. He must romp.

Do all cats do this? Well, I guess not, because Mercury doesn't. Do your cats do it?

It's not just cats who must get in on the bed-making:


Oh, Zeus. How can I resist your cuteness?


No, this is not an adorable-animal-photos blog, but when it happens, you gotta go with it.


He was looking so photogenic, and the bed was actually made, so I took the opportunity to get some shots to show you that quilt I made a while back.
Ok, fine, it's patchwork.


If you're wondering why the wall behind the bed is so boring, it's because this is a temporary bedroom, still in need of skimming, painting etc.

This is taken from the head of the bed:

You can see some of the back on the folded over part.  I didn't go to the trouble of washing of the dog and cat fur before showing you. I thought about it, does that count? I mean, at least the bed is made, right?


I do really want to make an actual quilt. You know, one that's quilted. Maybe I'll do a throw.


I have been cutting more fabric into strips so that when I am ready to sew I can just jump right in.


Hey, first strikeoffs should be coming in about 3 weeks!
I can't freaking wait.