181: lunch break hello

Oh my god, you guys! The samples came in and they are blowing my mind!
Sneakity peekity to come this weekend. This is all so surreal.
I went out to celebrate last night with my Honey.
Creme brulee, mais bien sur! 

Until I get a chance to photograph the fabric (my fabric, oh my god!) please enjoy this crazy mug I scored a few years ago:


At the top it says "How to diet successfully and fight fat"



What is up with this pink guy! ?


So weird.  


One more weird thing about me? I rarely do this:


The eat slowly thing, I mean. Well, I suppose I don't use a stopwatch either, but you knew what I meant, right? You get me.

But let me tell you:
One thing that I do eat slowly- I mean like at a glacial pace- is creme brulee. And boy did I milk it last night, picking the tiny sugary bits off of the dish with my fingers and everything.

Oh, drool......





xo, mba