194: QM Thursday morning.

Ok, it is a little overwhelming to really try to recap my trip. I will probably end up bouncing around, but I gotta just jump in.

I was seated next to a fun and stylish woman on the flight to Portland - turns out she was headed to QM, too. Janet is a stylist for Quilting Treasures. We had a great time talking for the entire 7 plus hours we were on the plane together! Also seated next to me was this lovely older woman. She said she had tried quilting (patchwork) but she couldn't get all of her seams to match up. Her friend who was teaching her ripped out all the seams to re-stitch them together! The woman was so disheartened, as she had really enjoyed it but felt that she hadn't done it "right!" I told her that I never match up my seams that that I like it better that way. I suggested she give it another try and see if she could let go of the need to have it be perfect and just do it for the pleasure of working with her hands. Relieved and excited, she vowed  to try it again! What a sweet lady. I hope she does get her hands on some fabric soon.

I was so happy to get out of the plane and into the Portland air, which was downright balmy at 10pm! Just a  short hotel shuttle and I was unpacking in my room. The next morning, Thursday, I walked the couple of blocks  to the convention center. I had on my new trouser-y jeans (which I hemmed for heel height), my new eggplant suede Danskos  and  a  pretty new dress.  Makeup on, hair all messy and bedheaded - in a good way. And man, was I sick. Head foggy, nose stuffy, throat hurt-y. Yuck.

Got to the  place, got my name tag  and waited in line at the Starbucks for a venti soy latte, which I did each morning after.  Made my way into the main space where the first booth I saw was Westminster's, which was more like a block of booths! A neighborhood. And it did feel that way. Lots of energy, people unpacking shipping crates, quilts everywhere. I sought out the office people that I have spoken with and emailed for the last year, finally able to meet them face to face!

Next, I walked around the  block and found Anna Maria setting up her gorgeous booth with her gorgeous husband. Seriously, this couple is just  beautiful. I told them so, and Jeff ( Anna's husband) said "We never hear that. Our kids never tell us that!" I really enjoyed talking with Jeff - he is a very welcoming and friendly fella who is  interested in getting to know other people.

Ok, fine. I'll start showing you the pictures of Anna's award-winning booth!  I am pretty sure she won for Most Creative Double Booth.


Anna was just as adorable as you would imagine. Pretty as hell, funnier than I expected and all that talent. Wow, she is a force of nature. I spent quite a bit of time with her that first morning, hanging out on the floor of the booth as she finished  some stitching on that quilt hanging up on the right.

One of Anna's new fabrics behind a row of her finished needlepoint pillows (manufactured by Peking Handicraft): 


I want a dress like this in my size, chicken sash especially:


The famous chairs and a giant cover of Anna's forthcoming book:


Painting by Anna:


Garden Party:



I know, you want o see pictures of Anna and Jeff. I'm sorry! I  hardly took any pictures of people! 

Ok, next up: Schoolhouse and Amy Butler. 

xo, m