200: 200!

Good morning and welcome to my 200th post! It is 5 am and I am blogging. Don't I have anything better to do? Like, you know, sleep?
Well, I was just tossing and turning and the damn dogs kept barking so I just thought I'd get up, ok? 

That little pile of random words above is from the index of that children's book that  I mentioned I found over the weekend: 


A Treasury of Games, Riddles, Mystery Stunts, Tricks, Tongue Twisters, Chanting, Singing. Say that ten times fast. Heck, say it ten times slow! Um, slow-ly.

Written by Carl Withers and  Illustrated by Garry MacKenzie, it is awesome!

Ok, I think it is really just called A Treasury of Games :


The endpapers are covered with a Where's Waldo-esque scene with lots of little details to catch:


What's that called?  Wheelbarrow races?

It seems that it is winter in some parts of the drawing, and summer in others:


I would like a dress like that one above. Puffy sleeves and giant strawberries. Wouldn't that be cute?

Is this guy playing a harmonica?


What do you suppose this couple was doing behind all that hay?


Are they supposed to be kids?  Oh, nevermind then.

Guy peeking:


You know, now that I am looking at all of these little bits of the scene, I am reminded of this plate I picked up a few months ago:


Aren't they incredibly similar?


Big scene, lots of little detail...



You'd be tempted to think it might be the same artist, right? But you'd be wrong: 


 I love that little double upside-down pretzel symbol.

And this:



Hey, I just want to thank everyone who commented on my last post. I am honored that you would open up and be so vulnerable and real. I really want this blog to be more of a conversation than just me yapping, so thanks for that.  Aside from being touched that you would take the time to comment and be so open, just having comments to read on any post really helps me get through the day. Thanks for keeping me company. It really feels like that.

You guys are awesome. Blogging wouldn't be as much fun without you. It is now 5:40 am and I am still here typing away.  I hope you're not thinking I need to get a life! I do have one, thank you very much. Writing to you has  become part of my morning routine and I enjoy it. So there.


So, it is my 200th post and all, so that means Giveaway, baby!

I was going to wait to post till I had figured out what exactly I will be giving away, but that could take a while and I would miss you. So just trust me that it will be good.

You know how this works: leave a comment and I will randomly choose a winner in , I don't know, a week or so? Yeah, I'll leave it open for a week, but I will keep posting if you don't mind.I was going to have it be only for people who have linked to me, as a gesture of appreciation. But some people don't have blogs ( I know, hard to believe) so that didn't seem exactly fair. How about this: if you have linked to me, let me know (just because it will make me happy). If you haven't linked to me, well why the heck not? What am I , chopped liver?

And if you don't have a blog, let me know that, too, so I can try to convince you to start one. It's really fun. Gives you something to do when your damn dogs start barking at 4:30 am.