212: postal post

My bloggy pal Tracey from Paper Dolls For Boys emailed me last week to ask for my snail mail address. She had found something at a yard sale that reminded her of me  and wanted to send it along. Isn't that the coolest? I love presents.

I got it today and it could not be more perfect. 


I am a sucker for good packaging. A sucker, I tell you!

First of all, the ribbon: stripey grosgrain. I do so love a present tied  with real live ribbon. My heart  breakdances when I'm given a present  tied  with real live ribbon.

And the paper? A tissue pattern piece! I am totally stealing this idea. 

I mean, I would be happy just to receive the ribbon and tissue. Seriously. You can ask anyone.


Before she sent it off, Tracey was starting to get nervous that my expectations might be getting  too high since I was so psyched to get the package. I told her  that I just love getting mail and I would show that much enthusiasm if she had told me she was just sending a postcard!

I used to be quite the letter-writer, you know. I suppose I still am, just an inactive one. My oldest and dearest friends have literally boxes of letters from me. ( at least they better still have them, dammit! ) I would spend hours gluing things onto paper, writing the letters , drawing on the envelopes, stuffing the packages with insence, glitter, stickers, confetti, leaves, receipts etc. Someday I'll get back into the habit. Letter-writing is a very satisfying hobby.

And  what fun when you get a chance to be on the receiving end!

Excitedly rushing to the house from the mailbox, tearing open the package, eager to see what's inside.
Here it is, the thing that a fellow blogger saw at a yard sale  and had to send me:


Can you believe it? A paint chippy, rusty-looking bracelet? Are you kidding me? Awesome!

Tracey also  included some of her own artwork for me, a little mixed media piece:


Isn't it lovely?


A little faerie, how perfect! 

And this:


If I had seen this laying on the ground all discarded and lonely, I definitely would have rescued it and given it a warm and loving home. This is a gooooood rusty bit, y'all!

And the last thing I looked at, which took me by surprise and made me laugh out loud: 


Killer letterpress printed postcard by  etsy seller rar rar press . You know you want one. I love this postcard like I have loved few others.

Thanks, Tracey.  I am so touched by you taking the time to gather together this bundle of happiness just for me.

I am somehow comforted that someone can read my blog and be able to send me a package as carefully compiled and perfectly suited to me as this one. It shows me that I really am sharing myself here and you really are getting to know me.

You know, I guess I still am an active letter-writer, now that I think of it. These posts are just like all the letters I used to write by hand: sometimes chatty and silly, sometimes weepy and heartbroken, always with love and a desire to connect with someone else.
This time, you.

xo, m