214: cat fur lemon squares


I got some new fabrics that I wanted to incorporate into my Lemony Snippet quilt top. Been cutting and sewing. 

I started by laying down what I had so far.


Then, I gathered up pieces from my cut up pile of fabric, paired them up and sewed them together. Once pressed, I placed them next to the main quilt piece and arranged them in a way that kept a good balance and flow of  color  and print, adding more cut fabric and sewing as I found  sets that I liked together.

Of course, there were some visitors. 


I don't mind  the cats, it's the dogs walking on it that bother me. You'll notice I didn't take pictures of the dogs.  I try not to encourage them. 

A few larger areas shaping up: 


This way of quilting takes a long time (for me!), but it's  fun and satisfying.  It feels  more like working on a painting than a quilt,which I tend to think of as needing geometric precision. Geometrically precise I am not. I just like to play with color and texture.

Guess who else does? 


They just can't resist, can they? 


Aw,who am I kidding. I wouldn't want them to.