219: faux crazy nine

Good morning!

I just wanted to peek in and say hi.
I have some pictures to show you of Lemony Snippet and my killer goodie bag (from The Sampler, yes!) from the Craft Magazine party at Greenward, but I haven't uploaded them yet. I'll show you tomorrow, ok? 

I love my sunny quilt top so much that I am going to make a bunch in different colors. I think the next one will be greeny-bluey since I already have these:


They are kind of crazy-nine-patch looking, but they are faux. I really don't like following directions, so I just make everything up.  


Oooh! If I do a green one, I can incorporate some of these Jennifer Paganelli fabrics:


I would like to make a whole rainbow of these monochromatic (really, analogous, but whatever) quilts.
Pinky orange might trump greeny bluey, though. I do so love pink.

And a pinky quilt would allow me to use these new Park Slope fabrics by Erin McMorris:


Aren't they awesome? I just love these. Don't fret, I will be doing a giveaway soon. You know, just after I send out those packages from a couple of weeks ago. Eek! forgive me, I'm awful  about that!

You know, I really hope it rains today because the plants need watering and, well, I'm awful about that, too. 

I hope  you have a lovely day, free from struggle and sprinkled with laughter.  I really do.

xo, m