230: wee animals of the fern

good morning!

I just got back from a walk, and I'm all, "Why am I not doing this every morning?"

It feels so good to move. You may recall that I need physical activity to work off my stress-anxiety-depression tendencies. I have not been getting enough exercise lately and I can feel it. And unfortunately for everyone around me, so can they! I really should, at the very least, work out as a service to the people in my daily life. Poor things.

So I still have pictures from the Boston Handmade Marketplace last month. Hope you aren't sick of hearing about it. Here goes.

Being a fan of Ashley Anna Brown's photo stream, I was excited for the chance to see her Fern Animals up close (and personal.)


Till July 25th only, Ashley is accepting custom orders for animals.   Get on it! Ooooh, I wish I had some of my fabric samples. Maybe she'll still make me one when I get them, if I beg. I am so not above begging for stuffed animals.

Aren't they amazingly cute?


It's hard to get a sense of scale from these pictures, but they are petite.



Here, see how giant I am in comparison?


And I am but a wee lass!

I love that little lion. Oh my god. Did I mention the cuteness? Are you sensing it? Do you get the cuteness?

I was all exuberant about them like that while I was there looking at them. I think Ashley may have been frightened.

Charming  hand-painted signage:


Check out this adorable collection of strawberry pincushions:


Vintagey, non?

I love the linen one:




I mean, who doesn't love a hand made bird softie?  Aren't they perfect?

Since the creatures weren't in my budget, so I was happy that she had some smaller ticket items:


I didn't get the buttons, but I did get some of these:


Again with the cute signs!


I was psyched that these cards were so affordable. (That little one on the right is her business card.)

They are really nice quality postcards with brown envelopes.


I love them.


I don't even want to send them to anyone, that's how much I love them. 

Ok, time for work. Tell me how you are.  I want to know.

xo, m