226: how to eat a cupcake

More from Boston Handmade Marketplace:

Right when Maddie and I  got there for setup I noticed this shirt (and the girl wearing it):


That's Beth from Elizabeth Brennick Designs. She's a spitfire! (and so is her husband! What a sassy couple!)

Isn't that shirt awesome?

Here's the back:


No, she didn't make it. I think  she said she got it at Forever 21. There is so much to love about it, but the stripey binding especially kills me .

And her products are  awesome , too!


Recognize any of the fabrics? Mostly Westminster, baby! Love that.


Beth's 2 kids were  selling cupcakes that they made at home. Smart, smart, smart. I knew they would go fast, so I bought 4.


Would you like to know my special cupcake-eating technique?

First, pull off the top  to separate the cupcake into 2 layers:


Next, hold the top upside down, so the frosting is on the bottom and place on the other half of the cupcake:


Now you have a cupcake sandwich. The frosting will be evenly spread throughout your eating experience.

Enjoy. You're welcome.

Back to Beth's stuff:

I love this top with the teardrop shapes:


If you must have something Beth made, you can always check out her etsy shop.

She had a great looking booth.  I particularly liked the clothesline action:


Cute magnets:


And cute shoes (not for sale):


Mimi, me, and Beth:


I love meeting such talented and wonderful women.

More soon, gotta get ready for work.