247: doing the untangle tango

Ahhh, feeling much better now. Thank you for your kind support and love. I'm feelin' it.

My pal Karen at my local quilt shop keeps imploring me to enjoy this time! And now that  I've made a decision on which project to do for the tv show I feel like I'll be able to. At least now I can be working on it, instead of hyperventilating about it.  (Thanks Karen and Mary for all of your support!)

Plus I had a total sobbing meltdown and that cleared a lot of the stress! I do love a good cry.

Look, that's some fabric that isn't Sugar Snap. I am afraid you'll start rolling your eyes if I show it in every single post, so I'll try to mix it up a bit :o)

Isn't it pretty? I can't remember who makes it, but it's from a "State Bird Collection." I think it would make a killer bottom panel on a skirt.

I'm glad I'm feeling less tangled.

Thanks for the love.

xo, m