251: Yummy Goods!

Yep, we are opening a brick-and-mortar Yummy Goods!

From the front yard:

Yes, really! Oh my god oh my god oh my god!

Today is the West Barnstable Village Festival, so we wanted to do something in the windows of the shop to let the community know that we are coming. Yummy Goods will be in the same building as the Old Village Store, so it's a pretty high-profile location. 

Well, high-profile for West Barnstable, anyways! Ha!

Last night, Stuart, the kids and I spent a few hours over there making some little vignettes and signs.

This is a shot from the front steps of the shop (oh my god, the Shop!!)- the  girls walking over (!!) with some bouquets:

On the left side, beyond the telephone pole, that's our mailbox. That's how close we live! 

I sketched out some signs:

and Meredith and Camille  painted them in:

Stuart and Zach hung up the curtains for me:

And I mostly primped and posed the stuff in the windows:

Of course, we don't have any product yet, so I just grabbed a bunch of stuff I had at home to create a display of the "feel" of the shop. 

And I might be coo-coo to do this, but I invited the community to stop by the blog and watch it  unfold:

We are learning as we go, totally winging it. And having a blast!

(do you see that, behind the brooch? A yo-yo made with my own fabric!)

Wish us luck!

xo, m