252: ramblings from the oatmeal brain

Wow, you guys! Thank you so much for all of the well wishes on our new adventure.

I can't wait to fill up this shop with yummy goods and invite you all over to hang out! It is going to be so awesome and fun!

Oh my god oh my god I have so much to do. Trying to focus on one thing at a time.

Like getting the sign ready.

Just a simple sign to fit with the others on the building. Black background with white letters. We are in a historical preservation type area, so we can't go having any pink and orange signs. We'll save the pink for the inside. 

I just love that it's in the same building as this cool old general store! Just look at this newspaper rack:

Did I tell you that the back of the shop will be my studio? My brain is oatmeal with all that is going on right now, so forgive me if I repeat myself.

We haven't gotten in to paint or anything yet, so this is definitely a "before" shot. (But the floors!  Perfection.) The area from the posts back will be the studio:

I am so excited to set up a pretty workspace! It's not a huge area, but large enough for some tables for sewing and shelves piled with luscious fabric.

Enough room for a handful of people to take intimate classes and workshops. Enough room for winter knitting circle to hang out and drink tea. Enough room for a small Valentine-Making-Party.

Wanna come over? You should move to Cape Cod and come over.  You might think I'm kidding, but I'm not. 

I tend to get kind of isolated. Most of my close friends live off-Cape and the rest live far enough away on the Cape that we rarely see each other. This blog is probably the bulk of any socializing I do! Is that sad? That might be sad.  Does blogging count as a social life? Well, anyways. My point was that now with the shop, I will have an opportunity to meet new people and make new friends. I want you to come visit, ok?

You know that saying "a stranger is just a friend you haven't met yet?" Well it's even more true that a blog reader is just a friend I haven't met yet. Yes, I am a total sap, but it's true, yo!

Please keep telling me about any artisans and etsy-folk  you like, especially if you know that they sell wholesale. I am thrilled to have the chance to support some talented and creative people.

xo, m